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‘Going vest’ is ideal for the gym. Keep cool and look cool while training, playing sports, or even wearing a vest as casual gear.


Any Athletics Club needs its own customised running tops. But the quality and appearance has to be right. Local amateur meetings and school sports days can attract large audiences and there’s every chance the event will be covered by the local newspaper. Even the TV might cover it. So if your logo is on show it has to look its best. And if you’re paying to sponsor the local club it’s worth going the extra mile to show your logo on the best quality shirts.

Vests can be amongst the best advertising billboards you can get. Anyone who can pull off wearing a casual vest in public is likely to be an asset to your image, regardless of what you’re promoting. People of all ages respond positively to a fit looking person wearing a vest in a relaxed environment. And they’re ideal for charity and fun runs where the observer will already be in the right frame of mind to respond to your message.

We have a variety of different fits, brands and styles to choose from so the wearer looks great while advertising your brand

But men’s vests can be a difficult fashion item to pull off, so you might need advice. The secret is in the print and the fabric you choose and that’s where we come in. Simple vests can create an effortlessly cool look but it won’t work if you choose the wrong one.

It could be even worse if you choose the wrong size or shape for your logo. The chest area available for your logo on a big male gym user will be different from that of a young woman out for a fun run. And needless to say the surface shape is different.

The cut and design of a vest can enhance any body shape and make your logo look good but serious gym users may need different cuts to the off the shelf garments sold on the High Street for Mr Average. We can supply them all.

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