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T-shirts are great for most promotions but sometimes you want something more substantial. If the only difference between you and your competitors is the logo your gift will lack impact. And t-shirts won’t work in cold weather. Your staff and clients will wear them under something else. One solution is sweatshirts.


Available in a wide range of styles, sizes weights and colours, promotional sweatshirts show the investment you’ve made in promoting your brand and the thought you’ve given to what your clients actually need.

In our climate, conventional or hooded sweatshirts are a practical promotional gift for any business. Your customers will appreciate a sweatshirt when the weather’s cold. And your staff will need them if they’re working outside.

Customised sweatshirts are also a great way to kit out your sports team. They look good at trade shows and create the same feeling of solidarity as a uniform but without looking formal.

But printing is the key. Better quality weightier sweats need quality printing to match the quality of the fabric.

You’re wasting your money if your quality sweatshirt is disfigured by a cheap print. A poorly printed cheap looking sweatshirt worn at a trade fair can damage your business. And you’ll have paid for the privilege of giving your competitors a good laugh.

Even a small misjudgment will ruin a sweatshirt and the consequences are disastrous if you’ve invested money in what you expected to be a quality item.

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