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Printed T Shirts

Printed shirts of all sorts are the ideal way to produce a uniform for your company, club or anything else. Even stage acts wear them. But the most popular ones are t-shirts. We can put any design on a t-shirt, even a photo.

Printed T Shirts

Whether you’re after top rank tees, brands like Gildan, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Russell, American Apparel, and Bella, or a few budget shirts for a stag or hen night, they’re all available from us and we treat all of customers the same.

We can get any brand you want from anywhere in the world or we can print on shirts you manufacture or buy in yourself. Try creating your own designer logo. It may be easier than you think!

But whatever you’re planning, the key is in the printing and choice of shirt for the purpose you want. Cheap tees can be made to look like quality with the right printing and expensive ones will be ruined if the printing is wrong. You can easily pay for the privilege of ruining a batch of quality garments. You may be left wishing that you’d just left them blank.

So contact us on freephone 0800 294 1140 or send us an email. The advice is friendly, helpful and free.

There’s a good deal more to t-shirt printing than meets the eye. That’s obvious when you see the results some of our competitors ‘achieve’. But our skilled technicians have been doing it consistently for years.

You may think you have a great design or logo, and you may be right, but you’ll end up disappointed if you make the wrong printing decision. Your great design may be unsuitable for the type of shirt it’s printed on. Even a shirt with just a name on it has to be thought out. The name may be too long or too short for the type of shirt.

And the size and content of logo may depend on the person you’re expecting to wear it. If you’re expecting the wearers to be broad chested men or athletes built like bodybuilders, you’ll want something different from what you’re likely to be able to exhibit at a junior school sports event. And women have a different shape altogether so the logo needs to be able to fit the curvy surface. We know what things look like after they’ve been printed.

We can even pack your shirts for you in your own packaging. If your budget doesn’t run to a printed bag we can put them in a plain see through bag sealed with your own sticker.

The latest technology even allows for full colour photos! So give a new dad or grandparents a tee with the baby’s photo on it.

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